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Product Features:
  Built-in Microphone & Motion Detection
  High Quality MPEG-4 Compression
  Remotely Manage and View Up to 16 Cameras
  View Right from Web Browser
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Product Description:
Watch and listen remotely with the D-Link DCS-2100+ Internet Camera. The DCS-2100+ is a powerful surveillance system that connects to a wired Ethernet or Enhanced 802.11b wireless connection to provide remote high-quality video and audio.

Easily access your camera using an Internet Explorer browser from anywhere in the world. From the web browser you can view video from the the DCS- 2100+ and manage the camera. The built-in microphone adds the element of sound to the video.

You can record streaming video that utilizes high quality MPEG-4 Compression to your hard drive, enable motion detection and set up automated email alerts for security. The DCS-2100+ easily connects to the Internet or to your existing network. It is a cost-effective and versatile security solution for your home or business.

The bundled IP surveillance software further enhances the security features of the DCS-2100+, allowing you to archive streaming video to your hard drive, search and playback stored video, monitor as many as 16 cameras on a single screen, and set up motion detection to trigger automatic recording or email alerts.

The DCS-2100+ Internet Camera maximizes your existing network investment, using the latest Enhanced 802.11b wireless technology to communicate wirelessly at up to 22 Mbps and offer 256-bit WEP security encryption.

Everything you need to get started is included with the DCS-2100+. The accessory kit includes a camera stand, mounting hardware, software CD, installation guide, wireless antennas and an Ethernet cable. Simple installation, along with the built-in Web- based interface offers easy integration to your network environment.

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