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  WorkAnywhere with IP-phone/soft-phone


A work-at-home solution specifically designed for businesses with engineers, sales representatives or customer service employees located in a wide geographic area.



Implement free interoffice communications with TelePCX's VoIP solution - TeleIPS. The PBX system supports a multi-location architecture that makes the PBXs in different branch offices work as a single PBX.


  Audio Conference Room

With friendly User Interface, moderating a conference call has never been easier. Making conference call is like walking into a conference room.


  Virtual Office


An application provides comprehensive auto attendant and voice mailbox functions for companies without an operator or receptionist. With Virtual Office, companies can have presence at various locations without having to have a physical location.


  Office Hoteling

A flexible office practice that allows an office/desk to be shared and reserved much like a room in a Hotel. Businesses can avoid unnecessary real estate expenses while achieving the full utilization of office space and resources.


  Virtual Extension

A PBX function that allows businesses to have as many extension numbers/Voice mailboxes as they need regardless of the number of physical extension lines installed.


  Web based UMS (Unified Messaging System)

Web based UMS is a solution for field sales staff or people who travel extensively and need to keep informed of all messages. TelePCX allows users to access TeleUMS web site from anywhere in the world using a standard browser to retrieve voice, fax, and e-mail messages.


  Basic and Advanced ACD (Automated Call Distribution)

Smaller companies providing tech support, customer service, etc. can now have an affordable ACD function to provide better service to their customers, while allowing them to eventually scale up to a more advanced ACD features.


  Call Center Solution

To improve customer satisfaction, TelePCX leverages real-time knowledge of customer relationships to dynamically deliver a personalized, consistent customer experience across all interaction channels.



The Telemarketing / Outbound Dialing System enables you to define, implement, and modify specific call campaign strategies quickly and efficiently. The predictive dialing function is supported to predict agent availability to determine proper pacing for outbound calls.


  Service / Help Desk

With skill-based routing capability, TelePCX's Service / Help Desk solution intelligently distributes all calls into most-appropriate or best-available agents to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Maximize Agent Productivity.


  Personal Call Recording

TelePCX's User Console provides users with the instant call recording function by simply clicking mouse. The recorded conversation can be forward to your colleague or assistant via email for further usage/reference.



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