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  TelePCX vs. Legacy PBXs

Self Administration and Flexible Call Handling are some of the outstanding features that sets TelePCX apart from legacy PBXs. TelePCX was designed to allow immediate and simple configuration changes. You no longer have to wait for a costly service call from your PBX provider. The GUI-based "configure & tool" function of TelePCX allow the administrator to add a new user, relocate phone set (extension), set toll restriction, create speed dial list, change extension type, or make system wide changes. System administration has never been easier. In addition the TelePCX provides PBX users with the flexibility of managing their call handling, call routing, and call management to meet their specific communication needs.

Almost all legacy PBXs need an extra interface to link with CT servers for advanced functions. Without the hand shaking function with CT servers, however, legacy PBXs can't handle incoming calls efficiently. The multi-vendor environments of legacy PBXs may also lead to lots of finger pointing when something goes wrong. Further more, businesses usually have to throw away their existing equipment when replacing their legacy PBXs with larger-sized or advanced featured legacy systems. TelePCX, as an open system with unique all-in-one-box architecture, eliminates all these drawbacks of legacy PBXs.


  The Drawbacks of Legacy PBXs

  • Not fully integrated into one system.
  • Lack of advanced features or need you to break the bank to own, such as:
    • One Number Follow Me
    • ACD
    • Volume adjustment for conference calls
    • Least Cost Routing
    • User Console/ Agent Console
  • Finger Pointing for problems.
  • Always one feature short for customer's need.



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