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Intuitive, Easy to Use On-Screen User Console

The User Console delivers rich capabilities in an intuitive, easy-to-use design. Everyday capabilities like transfer, redial, conference, hold, and voice mail access are ready to use by simply clicking the mouse. Not only does the TelePCX capabilities allow users to control call and message settings from their desktop PC, but also simplifies the call handling procedure. Users no longer need to memorize complex phone set operation procedures, simply login to the User Console, point and click to dial.

  Connect Status


Connect Status field displays the call connect status, Caller ID, Trunk info, etc. Users can easily identify the connection status of all calls.


  Handling Multiple Phone Calls

User Console enables users to simultaneously handle multiple calls on the screen. To pick up a call, transfer a call, place a call on hold, park a call, or toggling between phone calls requires only the click of the mouse. With the User Console, handling multiple calls becomes easy and efficient.


  Right-Click of the Mouse

Right-click on any of the records that are displayed in the Connect status to bring up a function window to allow users to: connect a call, disconnect a call, hold a call, park a call, or transfer a call to personal mailbox.


  Extension Status

Extension Status: displays all users created in the system and their current extension status. Right-click on any of the users in the Extension Status to bring up a function windows to allow the user to transfer a call, leave message directly, park a call to remote extension, or barge into that extension.


  Feature Code

Feature Code: Click to activate Call Recording, Conference Call, or Overhead Paging.


  Call Management

Call Management: TelePCX provides flexible Call Management options for users to personalize the ways to handle their incoming calls. Users can activate the Call Forwarding function to make themselves reachable by forwarding their calls to internal or external numbers. Users can also activate the One Number Follow Me function to define a call routing path with up to 5 locations for calls to reach them. The Call Screening Function helps users to decide whether or not to accept calls in order to improve their management. The Do Not Disturb function transfers all calls into voice mail without ringing the extension.


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