Instant Wireless Access Point

Don't be bound by cabling restrictions any longer! The Instant Wireless?Wireless Access Point from Linksys delivers the freedom to configure your network your way. Utilization of “state-of-the-art?wireless technology gives you the ability to set up workstations in ways you never thought possible; no cables to install means less expense and less hassle.

The Instant Wireless?Wireless Access Point's highpowered antenna offers a range of operation of up to 328 feet indoors, providing seamless roaming throughout your wireless LAN infrastructure; an advanced user authentication feature ensures a high level of network security. The Instant Wireless?Wireless Access Point is easy to install (just plug it in and you're ready to go!) and easy to use. With Internet browserbased diagnostics and statistic tools, you're always in control.

  • Interoperable with other 802.11a wireless equipment
  • Up to 72Mbps turbo mode (with Linksys WPC54 only
  • Operation in the uncrowded 5 GHz band

When all these features come together in one compact, lightweight, and powerefficient unit, you have the ultimate in flexible networking the Linksys Instant Wireless? Wireless Access Point.