Dual-Band Wireless A + G Access Point

The Linksys Dual-Band Wireless A+G Access Point gives you universal wireless connectivity. It's the best way to add wireless capability to your existing wired network, or to add bandwidth to your wireless installation.

The Dual-Band Wireless A+G Access Point actually contains two separate wireless connectivity radio transceivers, which support all three popular wireless networking specifications. The first transceiver uses the 2.4GHz radio band, supporting both the widely-used and inexpensive Wireless-B (802.11b) standard at 11Mbps, and the new, almost five times faster, Wireless-G (draft 802.11g) at 54Mbps. The second radio operates in the 5GHz band, and supports Wireless-A (802.11a) networking, also at 54Mbps. Since the two radios operate in different bands, they can work simultaneously, blanketing your wireless zone with high-speed bandwidth.

  • Dual-band, tri-standard Access Point communicates with Wireless-A (802.11a), Wireless-B (802.11b), and Wireless-G (draft 802.11g) wireless networks
  • Protect your wireless investment while preparing your infrastructure for the future
  • Advanced features: SNMP manageability, and Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
  • Powerful security: Up to 152-bit wireless data encryption (WEP), and wireless MAC address filter

To protect your data and privacy, the A+G Access Point can encrypt all wireless transmissions. The MAC Address filter lets you decide exactly who has access to your wireless network while Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) puts your network on the cleanest channel in your location. Configuration is a snap with the web browser-based configuration utility.

With the Linksys Dual-Band Wireless A+G Access Point, you'll have the best of all worlds -- Wireless-B for legacy compatibility, and both Wireless-G and Wireless-A for high-speed access.