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Optional Items 
1. File server for data storage and backup on Windows 2000. 
2. VPN server for roaming users who work from remote locations. 
3. FTP server for date transferring.
4. IPSec tunneling for linking branch offices with head quarter via virtual private network.
5. Build company own email server, POP3 and Sendmail on Linux.
6. Build Active directory and MS exchange server.
7. SMTP server on Windows 2000.
8. Build internal or external DNS.
9. Polycom Video conferencing.
10. Apache Web server on Linux.
11. IIS on Windows 2000.
12. Integrate Voice over IP to your PBX. 
13. Design Network architecture for load balancing.
14. Manage Co-location. 
15. Commercial Web site with merchant, products, and member databases.
Website Development 
16. E-business/e-commerce Software Implementation 
17. Enterprise Application Software Solution 
18. Enterprise Information Portal 
19. Business Management Platform 
20. Office Automation 

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